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Overcoming the Ping Length Resolution and Moving Object Issues

The following design can be adapted to other applications if the basics described above are kept in mind for the new application.

Figure 2
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Figure 2 - Schematic


The circuit is deceptively simple, but provides a good foundation for the design of ultrasound systems. Most of the parts can be obtained from the following vendors.

You will need L2, part # 616340 from Polaroid or any other 1.2 mH coil with good Q—try if you need help.

  • T1 is part # 616339 from Polaroid
  • U1 is SN28784N (Polaroid) or TIs TL852 (cheaper)
  • The transducer I recommend to start with is the 616341 (from Polaroid 600 series)—you should get at least three of these.

Part 2

Part 2 will discuss an analysis, how to improve the accuracy of this basic circuit, and will include suggestions for other applications. In addition, we will discuss microprocessor and hardware implementation of the controller for the blank and the ping signals. If you have access to a decent pulse generator, you can start using the above circuit immediately.

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