The Compact Flash / IDE MP3 Player MKI

Built your own home or car MP3 Player

With Compact Flash and IDE Interface

A 20GB hard drive gives you 5000 songs on a disk!!

The Full System Compact Flash

Yes you are right, this is yet another MP3 player, with all the same old features! It reads MP3 files from a hard drive or Compact Flash card. What's new you ask?

Well not a lot!! I started this project a year ago now (October 2001) and it's very slowly coming along. I wanted to get this MP3 player running as a stand-alone system first with just Compactflash or IDE. This was going to go in my car, but I have brought a CD player now, as I can't wait around to finish it. My aim is to add an Ethernet connection and stream the MP3 files from a file server. I have wireless networking in my house and would love to be able to update my car stereo album from a server in the house. I have lots of dreams!

Well the hard stuff is working for this yet complete project. Currently the MP3 player works well and I can read MP3 sequentially from a FAT16 formatted Compact Flash Card. Once powered the board checks the compact flash card and starts playing from the first file in the FAT. It has a 3.5mm headphone socket for the output so an external amplifier is required.

The next stage is to program the user interface so I can pick the songs I want to play and adjust volume, bass, treble etc. Then after that I will be adding the Ethernet interface. I am also interested in reading MP3 data from a CD player. I am a little unsure about the need for this. It would be no use in the house, as I will have a file server, but could be of use in the car. The problem with the car is bumps, I don't think I can use a standard PC CDROM drive.

RS232 Terminal Dump

As no LCD is running, once turned on status data is push down the RS232 port as shown below. After the Compact Flash card is detected and ready, the 'Identify Drive' information is displayed. Refer to the compact flash specification for further information.

WAP Embedded MP3 2001
Reading Ident register AC 
Sending Config File to STA013
Done .... 
Now Running
Now Playing
Waiting for Compact Flash Card ...
PCompact Flash Card Ready
                01.17aPQI FLASH DISK                         

Main Board

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Source Code

Soon to come!

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